Fluoride and Kidneys

Fluoride and Kidneys
One of the strongest physiological effects of fluorides in drinking water (e.g. hydrofluorosilicic acid) is in the kidney, a point to consider in light of increased rates of kidney failure during recent decades. Read more


Fluoride causes excess suffering and death by initiating and exacerbating kidney disease, which in turn causes a cascade of secondary, often fatal, diseases. This review demonstrates that proponents of water Fluoridation have attempted to suppress evidence of harm to the population at large and especially vulnerable groups with impaired renal function.

The myth that fluoride protects against tooth erosion persists despite the sophisticated studies of leading experts in dentistry who have shown that high fluoride concentration toothpaste does not work [Magalhães 2008]. Deliberate contamination of community drinking water with industrial waste fluoride is a process called fluoridation, mass “medication”.

As noted on bags of this industrial waste, the vendors state quite clearly the human health hazards and “target organs” of the poison including the heart, kidneys, bones, central nervous system, gastrointestinal system and teeth.



Fluoride is a developmental Nephrotoxin – coming to a Kidney near you


Fluoride is Bad For Kidneys

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