Fluoride: The Aging Factor

Fluoride – The Aging Factor

By John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. and By John R. Lee, M.D.

Dr. Lee was graduated “cum laude” from Harvard in 1951. He received his M.D. degree in 1955 from the University of Minnesota Medical School, served in the U. S. Navy and Marines as a Medical Officer, and since 1959 has practiced in Mill Valley, CA]

Fluoride, The Aging Factor is an incisive, engagingly brief (160 pages of text) yet thorough account of our greatest national health error, fluoridation. The author, Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (Ph.D., Biochemistry) pursues his favorite subject with admirable clarity, precise documentation, and obvious authority. One gets the impression that Dr. Y, as his friends and colleagues call him, enjoyed his task intensely. Though written for the layman, it is a book that can be offered to the professional physician, dentist, scientist without embarrassment. In the field of fluoridation literature, it is a gem.

It is Dr. Y’s contention that the vast field of fluoride research, especially the area that pertains to the fundamental properties of fluoride biochemistry, can be summarized and interpreted in the context of debility we call aging. He is not reluctant to call this effect poisoning and plainly sets down his proof for so doing. The prime physiological effect of fluoride is enzyme inhibition; it does this by forming hydrogen bonds with amides which comprise the operative chemical structure of enzymes; it therefore disrupts collagen synthesis which results in dental fluorosis as well as damaged cartilage, ligaments, bone, skin, arteries and other elements of connective tissue in a manner identical with aging. Furthermore, this fluoride-induced enzyme inhibition interferes with our immune system so that it “not only causes the immune system to act like the immune system of an ‘old’ person, it causes autoimmune damage to the entire body and accelerates the aging process of that body.” And, finally, fluoride interferes with DNA repair, damages chromosomes, and induces higher cancer death rates yet another morbid characteristic of aging.

Dr. Y’s claims are decidedly not modest. Yet he lays it all down biochemical mechanism, the physiologic results, the clinical evidence all buttressed by appropriate references and enhanced by a clarity of exposition not usually found in our technical literature.

But he does not stop there. He goes on to present the data derived by himself and Dr. Dean Burk, eminent oncology researcher now retired from the U’. S. National Cancer Institute, that clearly show the fluoride-induced increases in cancer deaths. He does this in six brief pages comprising chapter 10, eloquently entitled “The Human Sacrifice.” Here we have theory and reality, the 30,000 to 50,000 extra U.S. deaths annually, brought into clear and sobering perspective.

How, one might ask, could this calamity have come about? It is here that Dr. Y. really warms to his task. As an editor for Chemical Abstracts Service some years ago, he first became aware of the forces that created, defended and still perpetuate the myths that made fluoride so attractive. With terse lucidity he demolishes the myth that fluoride is a proved essential element and that it reduces tooth decay. He then proceeds to name agencies, administrators, and scientists of the fluoridation bureaucracy a veritable who’s who of what only can be called the fluoridation conspiracy that has literally forced this poison down our throats. Strong stuff indeed.

Dr. Y, it must be admitted, is in a position to know. His scientific credentials are beyond dispute. He has been at the forefront of Congressman Fountain’s subcommittee hearings (1977) and the four major legal challenges to fluoride Pittsburgh, Pa (1978); Alton Ill. (1982); Houston, Tex. (1982); and Glasgow, Scotland (1983). In these cases Dr. Y met the most formidable adversaries the fluoridation bureaucracy could muster and his views and findings stand successfully unrefuted. Chapters 17-19, as well as the related appendix pages, are filled with his opponents’ verbatim quotations that reveal their own abuse of scientific honesty and credibility. To his credit, Dr. Y allows the quotations to speak for themselves and, with new-found courtliness, desists from exercising the opportunity for derision that they so easily present.

In fairness, one might ask is fluoride the aging factor? Clearly, it is an aging factor. Admittedly there are others. Our environment contains a host of exogenous and endogenous free radical oxidants. They also age us. How does fluoride stand relative to these? Dr. Y does not address this. What about unfettered biological aging such as the so-called Hayflick limitation of cellular replication? Again, Dr. Y declines to comment. Is there an aging without disease? Authoritative medical opinion holds that “Although most organs undergo functional declines with aging, none is compromised,sufficiently, even at extreme ages, for death to result in the absence of disease . . . i.e., a specific pathologic insult.” It is this presence of disease, the pathologic insult, associated with advancing years that most of us (and Dr. Y, I believe) refer to when we speak negatively of aging. Dr. Y contends that fluoride is an important specific pathologic insult. The tragic irony of it is the fact that it is unnecessarily foisted upon us by the very bureaucracies that ostensibly exist to serve us. The inescapable conclusion from Fluoride, The Aging Factor is that relief from this pathologic insult requires no great expenditure of funds or energy or change in life style all it requires is the decision to quit putting fluoride in our public water systems. Simple.

Read Fluoride, The Aging Factor. Give one to your doctor. And ask your congressman to read it. You have nothing to lose and only your health to regain.


Fluoride – The Aging Factor


  • Fluoride reacts with every enzyme and hormone in the body.   Fluoride negatively impacts both the thyroid and parathyroid gland Hypothyroidism causing premature aging? Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D (1943-2000) Author of Book, “Fluoride, the Aging Factor”.




Fluoride – Dr. John Yiamouyannis 3/10/96 (mp3)

This was at the Cancer Control Convention in Pasadena, California, about 1991-1992.



Fluoride the Aging Factor

by John Yiamouyiannis

Chapter 4 – Breaking Down the Body’s Glue
Chapter 6 – Aging the Bone: The Degenerative Effects of Skeletal Fluorosis
Chapter 8: Fluoride & Genetic Damage
Chapter 17 . . . The Conspiracy: The Second Generation


Read or download Dr John Yiamouyiannis’s book Fluoride the Aging Factor

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