Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste

Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste
By Lita Lee, Ph.D.

History of Fluoridation

The fluoridation of drinking water in America bega n in the 1940’s. The NRC panel estimates that 132 million Americans now use drinking water with fluoride levels above 0.7 ppm, the so-called minimum “beneficial” level. It is estimated that 184,000 Americans are drinking water that contains more than 4 ppm fluoride (Griffiths). The NRC committee admitted that it cannot gauge the true fluoride exposure in Americans because it is present in foods, beverages and a wide array of dental products and procedures and because everyone consumes different amounts of fluoridated water and foods. Estimates suggested that less than one-quarter of fluoride ingested by Americans comes from fluoridated drinking water. The rest comes from canned foods, drinks processed with fluoridated water, medicines, insecticides, fertilizers, solvents, fuels, and so on. Fluoride is increasing in our food chain, our atmosphere and in our living tissues due to industrial contamination. In 1950, the average American ingested about 1.1 mg of fluoride daily. In 1988, this increased to 6 mg daily. If fluoride prevents tooth decay, and we’re ingesting more than ever before why are dental cavities increasing?

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