Where Are The Deformed Corpses?


To Richard Christie:

You said some time ago:

While you are back would you please answer Cedric’s question (put earlier but unanswered) as to which vaccinations you consider well tested and which are not. The question is relevant to the methodology you apply to science and public health. Thank you.

You said today:

But its been added to the water for 60 years, why aren’t the lunatic asylums overflowing with the brain-damaged fluoride victims?

And where do they hide all the deformed corpses?

Above all, how [many] children will die of preventable disease if Mr Deal starts succeeding in his ant-vaccination litigation?


Richard, you bring up points which many fluoridationists raise. Fluoride and the lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium in the fluorosilicic acid are chronic and not acute poisons at the levels they appear in fluoridated drinking water. Increase the concentration and people would fall over.

Actually some people do fall over, Around 1% have violent reactions to drinking or bathing in fluoridated water. I have talked with them. In most cases they were overdosed on fluoride at young ages. Typically they swallowed a lot of their fluoridated toothpaste because it tasted like candy. Or they brushed many times per day with fluoridated toothpaste. Everyone swallows some of their toothpaste. What ever stays on your teeth is eventually swallowed when you drink something acidic. Much fluoride is absorbed through mouth tissues. The fact that around 1% are hypersensitive cannot be denied. See: http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/hypersensitives-effects-from-ingestion-of-fluoride.

But fluoridationists either deny the existence of the hypersensitives or write these unfortunate people off as acceptable collateral damage. They can just buy a whole house filter for $4,000 or leave town. Fluoridationists seem to be willing to harm some in order to help many. Why should any be harmed if there are other and better ways to prevent caries?

You are also asking where the harm is. There is a long list of harms, and I will only discus a few. The pineal gets calcified, which is a master gland, which affects other glands People have to take sleeping pills. Six year old boys and girls start growing pubic hair. Fluoride and lead reduce production of thyroid enzyme.

The kidneys, the organs which excrete fluoride, are gradually harmed by fluoride consumption because fluoride builds up there. The kidneys become less efficient at excreting fluoride over time. Blood becomes more acidic, and the kidneys lose ability to bring pH back to neutrality. The calcium pump in the heart is affected. There is speculation that kidney patients do not die of failed kidneys; they die instead of heart attacks brought on by an acid pH brought on by failing kidneys. Likewise, the heart too becomes calcified. See: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21946616#. Fluoride consumption exacerbates heart disease. See http://www.vkingpub.com/journal/jlm/Download.aspx?ID=1873.

Bones become heavier and more brittle, so breaks by old ladies, athletes, and race horses become more common. When an old person breaks a hip it is hard to repair. The patient cannot roll over in bed. The immediate cause of death is sometimes infected bedsores.

Regarding brain damage, there is an article in the Jan-Feb edition of Mother Jones entitled “Criminal Element: The hidden villain behind rampant crime, lower IQs, even rising ADHD”. Read it here: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2013/01/lead-crime-link-gasoline. It is about the brain damage that tetraethyl lead in gasoline did from the 20s to the 90s. That was another cash cow that was hard to stop. See? It is not necessary to hypothesize a conspiracy, just a big cash flow.

We got the lead out of gasoline, but we did not get it out of our drinking water. Lead levels were up to 1600 ppb in old Seattle schools with lead plumbing and lead bubblers. In Tacoma lead levels in drinking water dropped in half when Tacoma temporarily stopped fluoridating. See http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/tacoma.

I do not understand how you can ignore the lead aspect of the fluoridation issue. The lead may be more harmful than the fluoride. That is another reason why dentists should oppose fluoridation – because the type of fluoride contains lead and leaches lead from pipes. Dentists only use pharmaceutical grade fluoride, and it does not run through and leach lead pipes.

You are slowly poisoning yourselves and your own children with lead. So strong is your religious belief in the fluoridation cult! Isn’t it ironic that the Open Parachute blog is anti-religion but is frequented by people who believe the fluoride religion?

Children do not necessarily die right away of preventable diseases caused by fluoridation. Premature death comes after a lifetime of chronic poisoning.

But it is clear that embryos and fetuses do die as a result of the fluoride and lead which mothers consume in fluoridated water. The fluoride, lead, arsenic, and all the other toxins pass right through the placenta into the embryo and fetus. These toxins are enzyme interruptors, and they interfere with repair of damage to DNA. Dr. The embryo and fetus are much more susceptible to harm because cells are so rapidly dividing. Sauerheber and I have documented this in the following article which we wrote together: http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/reproduction.

Finally you bring up the vaccination issue. This blog is not a vaccination blog. I am not going to go into detail discussing the various clean, effective, double-blind vaccines which have prevented and eradicated various diseases. Nor will I discuss specific filthy, aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury contaminated and untested vaccines, which are ineffective at preventing the diseases they claim to prevent and which cause various adverse reactions. The Vaccine Court has paid out some $2.5 billion, so you cannot deny that some vaccines cause harm.

See Dr. Mercola’s critique here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/12/10/whooping-cough-pertussis-vaccine.aspx?e_cid=20131210Z1_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20131210Z1&et_cid=DM35003&et_rid=363117958.

Read criticism of the oral polio vaccine used in India here: http://www.naturalnews.com/035627_polio_vaccines_paralysis_India.html
Some 78% of all polio cases in India struck children which had received the polio vaccine. We do not use oral polio vaccine here in the US.

As a lawyer I object most strongly to vaccine makers being exempt from liability. That has made vaccine makers reckless. That has allowed them to ramp up production of vaccines for everything. Selling vaccines is a huge business. We are back to big cash flow and the blindness induced by greed.

Discussion of specific vaccines belongs on some other blog. The similarity between fluoridation and mass production of scores of vaccines to be administered scores of times to children is that both fluoridation and mass production of vaccines are cash cows. It is not necessary to postulate a conspiracy. Cash flow is the glue that holds these harmful behaviors together. Cash flow is the motive force. It has a power of its own and is hard to slow down or stop.

Did your bringing up vaccination is an attempted cheap shot on your part to try to get the reader to classify me as an anti-vaccine nut? A lot of people hold to that prejudice. Or were you just curious about the good, bad, and ugly of vaccines?

In closing I would say: Just as it is wrong to be against all vaccines, it is equally wrong to say that all vaccines are safe and effective and that their manufacturers should be completely immune for liability for making vaccines which cause harm.

The vaccine debate is in some ways similar to the fluoride debate.

Richard, I hope you will be open minded enough to accept the possibility that you are wrong about fluoridation and find your way out of the fluoridation maze.

James Robert Deal

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