Dr. Charles Brusch testimony May 1954. The dangers of water fluoridation

This an extremely educational article. The knowledge that this man had about fluorides in 1954, clearly blows my mind. These people new a lot about this chemical and it’s affects on the human body. The people wanting to put artificial fluorides in the water, had to have know this at the time. 

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Dr. Brusch. Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the committee, those
“who engage in the controversy that exists today on the fluoridation of
connniuial water supplies must take into consideration the fact that
fluorides are divided into two classes natural, and inorganic or artificial.
Organic fluorides, such as calcium fluoride, or calcium phospho-
fluorides, are found in our daily foods and in drinking water in some
areas. They are not readily soluble, and they do not dissolve readily
in solution. Calcium fluoride 0.0016 gram per 100 cubic centimeters
of water is the solubility’.
It appears that in areas where there is naturally fluoridated water
the individuals develop a certain amount of immunity to this water
because the calcium fluoride here is found in company with other
When drinking artificially fluoridated water, such as sodium fluoride, this immunity seems to be lost. Calcium fluoride is held together by covalent bonds which gives
it a certain chemical property.
On the other hand, the artificial, or inorganic, sodium fluoride is
a highly toxic, protoplasmic poison, freely soluble. The amount that
is soluble is 4 grams per 10 Ocubic centimeters of water.
This sodium fluoride is generally a byproduct of bauxite. If we break down fluo-
ride, we find that it contains sodium 54.76 percent and fluoride 45.24
Artificial .sodium fluoride is very readily ionizable and diffuses readily in solution.
The difference is apparent…….

View the complete document at the link below

Dr. Charles Brusch testimony.pdf – Google Drive

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