Fluoride worst than we thought. Cures That Kill?

“Fluoridation could turn out to be one of the top 10 mistakes of the 21st century.”
~Dr. Hardy Limeback, National Research Council, 2006 Review of Fluoride Toxicity


As I look further into the use of fluorine in  medical drugs, I see nothing but a  trail of damaged people, from something people are expecting to heal them. Fluorine is the most insidious element in the periodic table.


Fluorine Compounds – Diseases | CTD

#9 on the list  Memory Disorders


What is fluoride. Best explanation Yet.


Fluoride: Worse than We Thought


Could Fluoride Be the Cause of Fibromyalgia Muscle Pain and Weakness? | Natural Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

Could Fibromyalgia be a disease of fluoride poisoning? I was reading this old article about Fluoride causing a serious muscle disease that causes pain and weakness as well as thyroid disorders and heart disease. A lot of medications are filled with fluoride.


Cures That Kill?
August 17, 2001
By Patricia Phillips Senior US Correspondent
Copyright © 2001, 7amNews/ShockHorrorProbe


7amNews has learned that many medications are packing a potentially lethal hidden dose of fluoride, a chemical that some claim is slow poison. Over the past several years, numerous fluoride-containing medications have been pulled off the market for causing deaths and illness.

Fluoride is “highly toxic to the liver,” expert Andreas Schuld of Vancouver, BC Canada said.

Schuld, head of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children, explained that “In the liver all fluorides interfere with the metabolism of thyroid hormones, creating thyroid disorders and associated diseases, such as muscle diseases ….heart disease, etc.” Other effects can include a serious muscle disease that causes pain and weakness.

He cited the recent withdrawal of Baycol, a cholesterol-lowering drug taken by 700,000 Americans, as an example of hidden fluoride-induced dangers that could be lurking in your medications. Baycol, Schuld said, has been linked to 31 U.S. deaths, with at least nine other fatalities worldwide.

Schuld told 7amNews that Bayer AG, the company that makes Baycol, would not release international statistics about potential harm from the drug. However, the European Medicines Evaluation Agency immediately began a safety review of other drugs in the same class as Bayer ‘s “Baycol.” Bayer AG reportedly withdrew the drug in a “voluntary” recall late last week.

7amNews has attempted to contact Bayer AG for a statement, but has not received a response.

What’s all the uproar? Schuld provided a basic biological-chemical lesson:” Fluoride is any combination of elements containing the fluoride ion. In its elemental form, fluorine is a pale yellow, highly toxic and corrosive gas. In nature, fluorine is found combined with minerals as fluorides……. With hydrogen it forms hydrogen fluoride gas which, in a water solution, becomes hydrofluoric acid…Fluorine compounds or fluorides are listed by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) as among the top 20 of 275 substances that pose the most significant threat to human health.”

Although most U.S. cities have routinely treated water supplies with fluoride for years, Schuld and others in his group believe that the buildup of fluoride from various sources, including medications, will harm rather than cure. He cited a shocking fact: In 2000, 3M announced a phase-out of Scotchgard products after discovering that the product’s primary ingredient-a fluorinated compound called perfluorooctanylsulfonate (PFOS)– was found in all tested blood bank examinations . Even animals in the wild, including eagles and bears, were found to have these chemical contaminants in their bloodstream.

Further research by 7amNews found that these PFOS are fluorocarbons, and are related to CFCs, now banned in order to protect the ozone layer. According to the Environmental Working Group, “Although research is still evolving, PFOS are known to damage the liver and to produce severe birth defects in lab animals, among other health effects.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says PFOS chemicals combine “persistence, bioaccumulation, and toxicity properties to an extraordinary degree.”

The EWG maintains public access archives on issues related to chemicals and public safety. Its records also state: “The more than 1,000 documents in EPA’s Administrative Record on Scotchgard-some 29,000 pages of material–show clearly that 3M knew its products were in the blood of the general population as early as 1976 and had detected PFOS in their own plant workers as early as 1979.”

( Here is the story of how Dupont continued the use of PFOS after 3M discontinued it’s use and how they poisoned a small city:  The Devil We Know 2018 – The Chemistry Of A Cover Up Documentaries )

The tenacity of fluoride buildup has Schuld and others concerned. He told 7amNews that the inorganic form of fluoride “… used in the fluoridation of public water supplies is a waste product from the fertilizer industry.” Americans especially are at risk absorbing the chemical via their skin because of the wide-spread use of chemical fluoridation of water.

That danger, Schuld believes, is only multiplied by the adding of organic fluoride compounds to medications. His documents include a shopping list of once-popular medicines now withdrawn due to safety concerns:


  • Cisapride (“Propulsid”) was withdrawn because it caused severe cardiac side effects (2000);
  • Mibedrafil (“Posicor”) was withdrawn after it was shown that patients with congestive heart failure showed a trend to higher mortality (1998);
  • Flosequinan was withdrawn in 1993 after it was shown that the beneficial effects on the symptoms of heart failure did not last beyond the first 3 months of therapy. After the first 3 months of therapy, patients on the drug had a higher rate of hospitalization than patients taking a placebo;
  • Astemizole (allergy drug) was withdrawn in 1999 because it also became associated with serious life threatening cardiac adverse events;
  • Fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine were withdrawn in 1997 due to serious cardiac adverse health effects;
  • Tolrestat (anti-diabetic) was withdrawn in 1997 after the appearance of severe liver toxicity and deaths;
  • In 1992 Abbott withdrew the antibiotic Temafloxacin (“Omniflox”). The drug had caused deaths, liver dysfunction, etc.
  • Grepafloxacin was removed from the market in 1999 because of serious cardiac events.


In addition, Schuld cites concerns about both Paxil and Prozac, popular anti-depression drugs. He claims that the fluoride-enhanced drugs not only have a risk of causing liver damage, but also interfere with thyroid hormones and potentially even with thyroid medications routinely taken by millions.

Citing the well-publicized case Fen-Phen, a once-popular weight-reducing drug, Schuld said that “it is important to note that only the fluorinated compound (“Fen” – fenfluramine) was withdrawn, while Phentermine (“Phen”) was not pulled.”

The worry and ensuing investigations about fluoride in medicines are worldwide. Among them are yet another class of drugs: antibiotics. Schuld’s documents cite international concerns about fluoroquinolone antibiotics, which are used in the treatment of a large variety of infections.

In October 1994 the Japan Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau amended the product information for Enoxacin, Fleroxacin, Norfloxacin, Sparfloxacin and Tosufloxacin to state that rhabdomyolysis may occur. Information on Adverse Reactions to Drugs No.128, October 1994.) Five years ago, the Sri Lanka Drug Evaluation Sub-Committee decided to include a warning statement about fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Back in the U.S., Steinberg Law Firm of Houston, Texas is currently investigating injury claims related to Baycol. Its website states: “in 1999, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approved Baycol/ Lipobay (cerivastatin) for patients with primary hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol) and mixed dyslipidemia (elevated cholesterol and high triglycerides). While Baycol has reportedly helped some, it has injured others. It is reported to sometimes cause muscle problems (Myopathy) leading to kidney damage (rhabdomyolysis). Symptoms can include unexplained muscle pain, tenderness or weakness accompanied by malaise or fever. Rhabdomyolysis is a rare condition where serious muscle damage results in release of muscle cell contents into the bloodstream.”

How can consumers protect themselves? 7amNews asked Schuld how a patient could tell if their prescription contains a fluoride-bearing compound.

“It is next to impossible,” Schuld said bluntly. He added “One needs to look at the product insert to see if the actual chemical compound is described. It is usually listed as “fluoro”-something, or as “F” in the chemical formula. The best way is to go to one of the sites on the Internet listing product monographs, such as www.rxlist.com and to look up the product in question.”

However, he noted, the fluoride often is hidden in another chemical additive: gelatin made from cow-bones, or among phosphates.

In essence, the consumer, taking medications because of illness, has almost no way to check out whether or not their pills contain a chemical that could potentially make them even sicker — or kill them


Index of Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals 


Prescription Drugs That Contain Fluoride



Fluoride Toxicity

The VA now stands at the center of the fibromyalgia controversy, attempting to explain to the medical community…

How the seemingly harmless sounding chronic fatigue syndrome relates to fibromyalgia, a condition that eventually cripples most of those who develop it with a laundry list of

debilitating symptoms including: brain fog, severe muscle & joint pain, thyroid dysfunction, muscle spasms, numbness, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, hair loss, vision problems, spinal & cranial calcification & kidney dysfunction?

only a handful of the world’s leading experts on fluoride toxicity have long been aware that the symptoms of the emerging condition known as “fibromyalgia” exactly match those of the most severe form of fluoride poisoning.

Fluoride: The Cause of Fibromyalgia

“Fluoridation could turn out to be one of the top 10 mistakes of the 21st century.”
~Dr. Hardy Limeback, National Research Council, 2006 Review of Fluoride Toxicity

The symptoms of Fibromyalgia exactly match those of the most severe form of fluoride poisoning or systemic fluorosis.

A condition that eventually cripples most of those who develop it with a laundry list of debilitating symptoms including: brain fog, severe muscle & joint pain, thyroid dysfunction, muscle spasms, numbness, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, hair loss, vision problems, spinal & cranial calcification & kidney dysfunction.

For more than fifty years the words “chronic fatigue” have been synonymous with the first stage of a condition known as systemic fluorosis, or chronic fluoride poisoning. In fact, so well known is that particular association that motion picture director Stanley Kubrick would use it in his dark satire, Dr. Strangelove, to describe the moment his character, Gen. Jack Ripper, came to develop his fruity theories on the dangers of fluoridation. By contrast, only a handful of the world’s leading experts on fluoride toxicity have long been aware that the symptoms of the emerging condition known as “fibromyalgia” exactly match those of the most severe form of fluoride poisoning. This little known fact was quietly highlighted by the intense focus on potential Sarin gas exposure for the nearly 200,000 veterans of the first Gulf War who have quietly become the largest single group to ever develop fibromyalgia.

Despite the lack of evidence of mass exposure, it remained telling that the top authorities on a nerve gas known to derive all of its toxicity from fluoride proved they could not tell the difference between the lingering effects of Sarin exposure and the symptoms of fibromyalgia. While the majority of veterans blamed the preventative medications they’d been forced to take as the source of their illness, fearful military leaders shifted the focus away from those drugs so quickly that few seemed to notice that Sarin gas was not the only potential source of toxic fluoride exposure. Only as more and more veterans developed fibromyalgia and its related conditions in the years since the end of the 1991 Gulf War, including many who did not even leave the US mainland, have those soldiers and committed researchers been able to slowly pressure the military to focus attention back on those drugs.

The VA now stands at the center of the fibromyalgia controversy, attempting to explain to the medical community.

(1) How the seemingly harmless sounding chronic fatigue syndrome relates to fibromyalgia, a condition that eventually cripples most of those who develop it with a laundry list of debilitating symptoms including: brain fog, severe muscle & joint pain, thyroid dysfunction, muscle spasms, numbness, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, hair loss, vision problems, spinal & cranial calcification & kidney dysfunction?

(2) What hundreds of thousands of largely male veterans might have in common with the estimated 8-10 million Americans, mostly women, who have now developed a crippling condition that seemed to emerge out of nowhere in the early 1980’s?

When I developed my case of fibromyalgia from 2 months of Cipro, a widely popular fluorinated antibiotic that is normally prescribed for 7-10 days at a time, no one really knew why I’d become sick. But that changed in late 2001, when many of the key questions regarding fibromyalgia were unexpectedly answered. For as a few anthrax-laced letters made their way into the US Mail system, thirty thousand people were suddenly put on 2 months of that very same medication. While most had not been exposed to anthrax, the CDC encouraged that Cipro be used for an extended course as a purely precautionary measure. However, as the medical community closely monitored those individuals, they began to notice the appearance of disturbing side effects.

So severe and so widespread were those side effects in fact, that many were openly encouraged to stop taking the drug and switch to a “safer” medication. For a drug that had been prescribed over 200 million times, largely to women with urinary tract infections, the medical community was at a loss to explain why the extended treatment seemed to lead to such a widespread reaction. Things only worsened over time though. Among those who had stopped taking the medication, many began to realize that their so-called side effects were actually permanent. And even more remarkably, many months after the treatment, it was observed that everyone of those sampled that had completed the full two month treatment appeared to develop those same, permanent, crippling symptoms; symptoms that exactly match those of the emerging condition known as fibromyalgia.

Not an allergic drug reaction as it turned out, but rather a universal toxic reaction to a fluoride based compound known as fluorophenyl…….

Read more



Effects of Fluoride on Your Thyroid

There is a daunting amount of research studies showing that the widely acclaimed benefits on fluoride dental health are more imagined than real. My main concern however, is the effect of sustained fluoride intake on general health. Again, there is a huge body of research literature on this subject, freely available and in the public domain.

But this body of work was not considered by the York Review when their remit was changed from “Studies of the effects of fluoride on health” to “Studies on the effects of fluoridated water on health.” It is clearly evident that it was not considered by the BMA (Britsh Medical Association), British Dental Association (BDA), BFS (British Fluoridation Society) and FPHM, (Faculty for Public Health and Medicine) since they all insist, as in the briefing paper to Members of Parliament – that fluoridation is safe and non-injurious to health.

This is a public disgrace, I will now show by reviewing the damaging effects of fluoridation, with special reference to thyroid illness.

It has been known since the latter part of the 19th century that certain communities, notably in Argentina, India and Turkey were chronically ill, with premature aging, arthritis, mental retardation, and infertility; and high levels of natural fluorides in the water were responsible. Not only was it clear that the fluoride was having a general effect on the health of the community, but in the early 1920s Goldemberg, working in Argentina showed that fluoride was displacing iodine; thus compounding the damage and rendering the community also hypothyroid from iodine deficiency.

Highly damaging to the thyroid gland

This was the basis of the research in the 1930s of May, Litzka, Gorlitzer von Mundy, who used fluoride preparations to treat overactive thyroid illness. Their patients either drank fluoridated water, swallowed fluoride pills or were bathed in fluoridated bath water; and their thyroid function was as a result, greatly depressed. The use in 1937 of fluorotyrosine for this purpose showed how effective this treatment was; but the effectiveness was difficult to predict and many patients suffered total thyroid loss. So it was given a new role and received a new name, Pardinon. It was marketed not for overactive thyroid disease but as a pesticide. (Note the manufacturer of fluorotyrosine was IG Farben who also made sarin, a gas used in World War II).

This bit of history illustrates the fact that fluorides are dangerous in general and in particular highly damaging to the thyroid gland, a matter to which I shall return shortly. While it is unlikely that it will be disputed that fluorides are toxic – let us be reminded that they are Schedule 2 Poisons under the Poisons Act 1972, the matter in dispute is the level of toxicity attributable to given amounts; in today’s context the degree of damage caused by given concentrations in the water supply. While admitting its toxicity, proponents rely on the fact that it is diluted and therefore, it is claimed, unlikely to have deleterious effects.

They could not be more mistaken

It seems to me that we must be aware of how fluoride does its damage. It is an enzyme poison. Enzymes are complex protein compounds that vastly speed up biological chemical reactions while themselves remaining unchanged. As we speak, there occurs in all of us a vast multitude of these reactions to maintain life and produce the energy to sustain it. The chains of amino acids that make up these complex proteins are linked by simple compounds called amides; and it is with these that fluorine molecules react, splitting and distorting them, thus damaging the enzymes and their activity. Let it be said at once, this effect can occur at extraordinary low concentrations; even lower than the one part per million which is the dilution proposed for fluoridation in our water supply.

The body can only eliminate half……






“Going to a psychiatrist has become one of the most dangerous things a person can do.”–Peter Breggin, M.D.





Testimonies of People Destroyed by Antidepressants

by prof77

Update 12/13/2016:

Now 1 in 6 American Adults Takes Anti-Depressants or Other Psych Drugs

The number used to be one in ten, but according to new data, one out of every six adult Americans is taking anti-depressants or some other type of psychiatric drugs now. “Overall, 16.7 percent of 242 million U.S. adults reported filling one or more prescriptions for psychiatric drugs in 2013,” according to research published today in Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine.

Did ya’ know . . .

About 27 million people, More than 1 in 10 Americans Are on Suicide-Linked Antidepressants, and Anti-Psychotics Are the Most Common Prescription Drugs in America?

Army Times:At least one in six service members is on some form of psychiatric drug.” . . . as a result The US Military Is Losing More Troops To Suicide Than Combat

Master list of Antidepressant/SSRI Related Violence

Testimonies of People Destroyed by Antidepressants (Source)

Try to get off these drugs before the damage is done [but] you may well be in for symptoms that make heroin withdrawal look like a spa vacation. (Source)

– – – – – –

Anti-depressant drugs: Peer-reviewed published studies:  Read More


Listed below is information regarding just one fluoride based drug. I have had personal experience with the side effects of this drug as it was given to my daughter. You have to wonder what kind of damage is being cause by other fluoride based drugs. How many untold people are being seriously injured by these deadly drugs and nobody seems to care. That’s the fluoride at work as well.Check out this post.

How Fluoride Affects Consciousness and the Will to Act – Welcome to Fluoride Free Sudbury


After coming across this article it made me realize how dangerous fluorides are. Her symptons fall under the side effects of the MSDS warning for fluorides, listed below.

This antibiotic will ruin you. 



Hi there, we need to talk. My name is Amy Moser. I have almost written this post at least 20 times and got too overwhelmed and abandoned it. Well here goes…

The antibiotics you took or are taking for your sinus infection, UTI, skin infection, laser eye surgery…ect…may have already damaged you.

Cipro, Levaquin, Avalox, nearly every generic ending in “quin”, “oxacin,””ox,”…are all part of a large family of antibiotics called “Fluoroquinolones.” The FDA finally updated their warning on these antibiotics as of July 2016. They site “multiple system damage that may be irreversible. Permanent you guys. Here is the link for the warning if you are a doubting Thomas: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm500143.htm. Take a gander real quick if you are reading this with an eyebrow raised. Trust me, I wish I had been given the opportunity to soak up this information before it was too late.

In 2010, I took Cipro for a UTI and it changed my life forever. A round of antibiotics literally changed the path I was walking, into a path that I couldn’t even crawl on. Multiple spontaneous tendon and ligament ruptures, spinal degeneration, and arthritis that is widespread. We are talking multiple joint dislocations and surgeries to most of my large joints and spine. Twenty surgeries in the last 7 years if you wanna count. I said T W E N T Y. This class of antibiotics were supposed to be only used as a last resort antibiotics, if all other options had failed. They never were supposed to be given for common infections. They damage the body so seriously because they actually damage the mitochondrial DNA. Those affect all cell function. Fantastic. You now have tissue paper tendons and ligaments. You are a human piñata at a party and life is whacking you left and right. Do you know what it feels like to hear and feel your shoulder pull apart like taffy, or your achilles pop and tear apart like an old rubber band? It gets even better. Flouroquinolones cross the blood brain barrier. This can result in psychiatric events, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I was incredibly fortunate not to have the psychiatric side of this.

Here is another sickening truth…the damage is cumulative…….


For those that don’t know what an MSDS is.

What is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) and how to work safely with the chemical product. It is an essential starting point for the development of a complete health and safety program. It also contains information on the use, storage, handling and emergency procedures all related to the hazards of the material. The MSDS contains much more information about the material than the label. MSDSs are prepared by the supplier or manufacturer of the material. It is intended to tell what the hazards of the product are, how to use the product safely, what to expect if the recommendations are not followed, what to do if accidents occur, how to recognize symptoms of overexposure, and what to do if such incidents occur.


What does the material safety data sheet say? Is the water fluoridation product safe to use?


The manufacturer’s MSDS of the Hydrofluosilicic acid used here  clearly warns that hydrofluosilicic acid, what is being called “Fluoride”, causes harm contrary to what everyone is being told.

It says: under: Other Health Effects


Fluoride is a bone seeker, and excessive amounts will produce weakening and degeneration of the bone structure. Chronic exposure may cause excess accumulation of fluorine (fluorosis) in the teeth and bones. Severe fluorosis in children weakens tooth enamel resulting in surface pitting. After prolonged high intake in adults bony changes occur characterized by hardening or abnormal density of bone (osteosclerosis), benign bony growths projecting outward from the surface of the bone (exostoses) and calcification of ligaments, tendons, and muscle attachments to bone. Ingestion and skin contact may cause an abnormal reduction of blood calcium (hypocalcemia) and kidney damage since fluorides precipitate calcium stored in the body. There may also be heart, asthma, nerve, intestinal and rheumatism problems. (1,3,4)


Introduction to Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

If you are new to hearing about the dangers of the Fluoroquinolone drugs, then this introduction is for you. There are actually several different drugs that make up this class that include antibiotics and antimalarial drugs. These antibiotics are the primarily the subject of this website and many others because they are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the US, getting prescribed up to 26 million times a year, that is a LOT of antibiotics!

They include drugs such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox, which are considered ‘broad-spectrum’ antibiotics because they can treat a wide variety of infections.  A Full List of the Quinolone Drugs can be found here, but the three above are the ones that are most concerning because of how frequently they are prescribed…….


…..And while there is a difference between Fluoroquinolone and Quinolone drugs, it is the difference between the addition of a fluorine molecule and, for most people, there is no reason to look into this biochemical difference; even though it can become important if you are poisoned by these drugs. And you DO get poisoned by them. These drugs, despite being antibiotics, can also be classified as chemotherapeutic drugs that poison cells indiscriminately and do serious DNA Damage through a process known as oxidative stress, just as chemotherapy agents do……… Read more


The Merk Veterinary Manual states that “FLUORIDE IS A CELLULAR POISON”

 Index of Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals 


Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics May Cause Permanent Nerve Damage



Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome – Wikipedia MISSING ARTICLE!!! – Levaquin (Levofloxacin) Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Kill

This is the Wikipedia article that luckily I copied in 2011 – It is NOW curiously MISSING FROM WIKIPEDIA!!!!!

Fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome

Fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome or quinolone toxicity syndrome is the term employed to describe the numerous adverse reactions which can occur as a direct result of the administration of fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs. Such adverse reactions manifest during, as well as long after fluoroquinolone therapy had been discontinued. These adverse drug reactions (ADRS) induced by the fluoroquinolones can be, for some patients, severe, prolonged and in some cases permanent, disabling and even fatal. The dose, length of time and number of exposures to fluoroquinolones as well as combination with corticosteroids or NSAIDs may increase the risk of the patient suffering specific ADRS. The concurrent use of corticosteroids increases the risk of multiskeletal injury, manifesting as spontaneous ruptures of tendons, muscles and cartilage or chronic tendonitis, and the concurrent use of NSAIDs may induce severe and prolonged seizures.[1] Increased and repeated exposure to the Fluoroquinolone class appears to increase the risk of the patient suffering multiple ADRS.

The distinction between a quinolone drug and a fluoroquinolone drug is the addition of the fluorine atom to the pharmcore, resulting in a fluorinated drug. Hence the name fluroquinolone. The term quinolone and fluoroquinolone are often times used interchangeably, without regards to this distinction.

Whilst people of all ages may experience severe and prolonged ADRS to the fluoroquinolones, the elderly and especially the young are particularly more susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoroquinolones and their use in these populations is often times discouraged. Toxic reactions have been reported to occur after a single dose.[2]

The adverse drug reactions (ADRS) to the fluoroquinolones have been associated with serious and detrimental effects upon the Multiskeletal System, Cardiovascular System, Central and Peripheral Nervous System, Circulatory System, Maxillofacial System, Endocrine System, Gastrointestinal System, Urological System, the Liver, the Brain, the Skin, all five senses; hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell, as well as the patient’s DNA, since the mid sixties (see Nalidixic Acid).[3]

There are no known treatment protocols available for the majority of these reactions and the medical community often times fails to recognize such events as even being related to fluoroquinolone therapy.


CNS effects

Fluoroquinolones can induce a wide range of bizarre adverse psychiatric effects including hallucinations, psychosis and convulsions. Manifesting as extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anhedonia, cognitive dysfunction (or brain fog), depersonalization, paranoia, hallucinations, toxic psychosis, seizures, tremors, photosensitivity, taste perversions, abnormal dreams, chronic insomnia, vertigo, delirium, and usually involves all five of the senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell. Additionally the fluoroquinolones showed depressant activity on the CNS, as was indicated by the depressant syndrome, decreased spontaneous motor activity, and hypothermia found in animal studies. Concomitant use of NSAIDs may increase seizure risk……..

What is fluoride. Best explanation Yet.


Can Antibiotics Induce Psychiatric Reactions?- Hormones Matter


Floxie Hope | A site to give hope for healing to those adversely affected by fluoroquinolone antibiotics – Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and Floxin


Fluoridation Australia | FLUOROQUINOLONES-The Deadliest Antibiotics In The Marketplace


Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome | Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics | Forums | Patient






Fluoride chemotherapy drug 5-fluorouracil causes damage to the Brain 


“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.” – Dr. Dean Burk



I have put together an in-depth look at the toxic chemical added to our water, how it was orchestrated, the legal aspects, violations and some of the consequences of putting this poison in our water. My take is different than most as I focus on exposing the fraud that it is, as opposed to debating the fake science that people regurgitate. Water fluoridation is a criminal act (assault and battery) against us all and is one of the many frauds that are being orchestrated against us by our governments.

Exposing corruption in the Fluoridation industry 



“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The human mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” J. Edgar Hoover


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