Fluoridation of a public water supply is a Commonwealth criminal offense

The article below confirms that fluoride is a drug and is in clear violation of the following:

Water Fluoridation: A Violation of Human Rights, the Health Care Consent Act and the Nuremberg Code

Clearly governments have no respect for our rights or laws they may have created.


Fluoridation of a public water supply is a Commonwealth criminal offence

Australian health departments (including WA Health), the NHMRC and the ADA each represents that artificially fluoridated water (“fluoridated water”) is for preventing dental caries. That claim brings fluoridated water within the meaning of “therapeutic goods” as defined in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989

(“TG Act”), whereby it is important to observe that nothing in s. 3(1) of the TG Act indicates that fluoridated water is not caught by that definition. Nor has fluoridated water been excluded from the operation of the TG Act by means of a determination made under s. 7AA thereof. The Commonwealth therefore is legally required to enforce its therapeutic goods registration and listing scheme in relation to fluoridated water.

The TG Act makes it a criminal offence to manufacture or supply unregistered therapeutic goods in Australia. Fluoridated water is not registered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Accordingly, each of the three WA water corporations – especially the Water Corporation – have committed a great many corresponding offences under the TG Act. Thus, each corporation has regulatory liabilities of very large but unknown extent for which, so far as I have seen, no provision has been made. The Committee may wish to discuss this matter with the Treasurer and the Minister for Health.



Fluoride Supplements Are Unapproved Drugs, Sold Without FDA Approval

FAN’s latest project is a petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the selling of fluoride supplements, even though the FDA has never approved them.

By FDA definition, fluoride is a drug, since it’s used to prevent a disease, namely tooth decay. The FDA, however, has never approved fluoride supplements as safe and effective, and so FDA still classifies them as “unapproved new drugs.” Federal law prohibits the sale of unapproved new drugs, and so companies that manufacture and sell fluoride supplements are violating the law.

We’ve known about this situation for about 25 years, but when pressed, the FDA has always come up with some excuse for not taking action against these fluoride products. That all changed on January 13, when the FDA issued a warning letter to one of the manufacturers of fluoride supplements.

“The FDA sent out a warning letter to this company saying, ‘You must cease making this product because these are unapproved drugs. We’ve never approved them as safe or effective.

They’re not generally recognized as safe and effective. Without an application, without providing the requisite data to the FDA, which we approve, you cannot sell these,’ Connett says.”

This is a curious situation indeed, because while the selling of fluoride drugs is illegal, fluoride is still being added to water supplies across the U.S. for the purpose of preventing tooth decay — a purpose that in the eyes of the FDA renders it a drug, and one which they’ve never approved as safe or effective.

Pharmacies Called Out for Selling and Misrepresenting Unapproved Fluoride Drugs……

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