Water fluoridation violates: Canada’s Food and Drugs Act

Water fluoridation violates:

Canada’s Food and Drugs Act:
“4. (1) No person shall sell an article of food that
has in or on it any poisonous or harmful substance;”


Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943, Editorial.

“Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by inhibiting certain enzyme systems. The exact mechanism of such actions is obscure. The sources of fluorine intoxication are drinking water containing 1 part per million or more of fluorine, fluoride compounds used as insecticidal spays for fruits and vegetables (cryolite and barium fluosilicate) and the mining and conversion of phosphate rock to superphosphate, which is used as fertilizer.”


William Hirzy, PhD former chief chemist for the EPA and former President of the Union of Professional Employees of the EPA


“Sodium fluoride is a registered rat poison and roach poison. It has been a protected pollutant for a very long time.

So toxic is the fluoride added to drinking water that, according to Hirzy, if one were to take a dose of it about half the size of that “500 mg vitamin C tablet you take in the morning, you’d be dead long before the sun went down. When you’re talking about something with that kind of potent toxicity,” he says, “it’s unrealistic to think that the only adverse effect it has is death. It must be doing something intracellularly to cause these effects.”


What are they actually putting in our water?

The specific fluoride chemical used to fluoridate your drinking water is: hydrofluorosilicic acid ( HSFA ). Hydrofluosilicic acid is the most corrosive chemical agent known to man.(http://www.sonic.net/%7Ekryptox/environ/toxidump.htm). It is an unpurified industrial (toxic waste) by-product (http://cof-cof.ca/hydrofluorosilicic-) that comes from the wet scrubbers of the smoke stacks of the phosphate fertilizer & aluminum industry? Due to the lack of processing, this chemical is known to contain a number of toxic substances in its fluid mix such as FLUORIDE (20 to 30%), LEAD, ARSENIC, MERCURY, and it usually contains any or all of the following substances as well: cadmium, selenium, radium, radon, polonium, radioactive uranium 238, chromium and phosphorus.
It is classified as:
“dangerous good” by Transport Canada, “hazardous substance” by Environment Canada, “persistent, bio-accumulative & toxic” by Canadian Environmental Protection Act a “class one hazardous waste” by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is tanked untreated and shipped to municipalities as a “fluoridating agent”
That’s in every glass of water that you drink. Is this really a healthy drink? I don’t think so!


Drinking Water Regulations and Contaminants | Regulation Development for Drinking Water Contaminants | US EPA

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 21:42:31

Screenshot from 2017-12-08 21:37:37

Screenshot from 2017-12-08 21:36:32

Screenshot from 2017-12-08 21:36:10

Screenshot from 2017-12-08 21:39:05



So we have a situation here where contaminants known to cause cancer and other health issue are being reintroduced to the water supply. Most would say they are such small amounts that they cannot have any effect on us. I say NONSENSE to that.


Fluoride Content of Various Processed Beverages

Fluoride Action Network | August 2012

When fluoride is added to public water supplies, it does not just go into the water, it goes all into all of the food products made with that water (e.g., soda, juice, beer, cereal, soup, etc). As a result, people living in non-fluoridated communities of heavily fluoridated countries like the U.S. and Canada will routinely be exposed to fluoridated water when they purchase processed drinks and beverages. The mass fluoridation of water supplies thus results in the mass fluoridation of processed drinks and foods and drinks.

Fluoride is also found in processed foods made with fluoridated water, including some milk, fluoride-containing pesticides, teas, fluorinated pharmaceuticals, teflon pans, mechanically deboned chicken and more.


Sources of Fluoride


So in the end it is impossible to control the dosage, because it is found almost everywhere.



Dr. James Haney Presents*Fluoride in Food and Water, with DStockin, a Researcher from Brentwood, Tennessee, who has spent the last several years researching the impact of fluoride on American health, and who uses some of the most popular name brand foods in the country to demonstrate the existence of fluoride and the impact it has on the human body,



Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water

Fluoridated tap water and toothpaste are oftentimes considered the main sources of fluoride exposure, but it turns out that common food items could actually be largely contributing to your fluoride intake. According to fluoride expert Jeff Green, who has been actively protesting and studying the effects of fluoride on the body for other 15 years, one common food product contains up to 180 times more fluoride than your fluoridated tap water!

According to Green, the culprit is non-organic food, but not just one kind. If you’re still eating conventionally-farmed food products, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to extreme levels of fluoride. Green says this is made possible by fluoride going incognito within the food supply in a very concerning way:

Cryolite is actually sodium aluminum fluoride… This sodium aluminum fluoride is especially effective at killing bugs,” Green says. “It’s also very sticky, so when they spray it, it’s more likely to stick on your produce, unless you’re… really working at trying to get it off of it.”

Fluoride-Based Pesticide Contaminating Food Staples

While Green states that a large number of non-organic produce items can contain shocking levels of this fluoride-based pesticide, iceberg lettuce may be one of the largest offenders. In fact, iceberg lettuce can now be laced with a startling 180 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride – 180 times higher than the ‘recommended’ water fluoridation level. This ‘health’ food could actually be corroding your body with heavy levels of fluoride. But what other seemingly-healthy produce items contain high amounts of fluoride?

  • Citrus fruits are actually allowed to contain 95 ppm’s of sodium fluoride.

  • Potatoes can have as much as 22 ppm’s on the outside, and 2 ppm inside.

  • Raisins are allowed 55 ppm’s.

Fluoride has been linked to decreased IQ in children, and even the United States government is calling for lower levels of fluoride to be added to United States water supplies. Perhaps the next big hurdle in the fight against fluoride will be within the food industry.

Read more: 


There is no doubt that city’s are violating Canada’s Food and Drug act. Governments clearly feel that they can operate above the law, because no one is holding them accountable.


Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Canada is a Quiet Dictatorship

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati, describes how Canada has become, as he calls it, a “Quiet Dictatorship”… He also describes how the courts are blunt instrument as a venue for socio economic change. This clip was taken from the 56 min mark on COMER VS Bank of Canada Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhlCM… From the conference held in Montreal on April 26th. Footage from 99% Media. Edited to primary English excerpt. In Canada their is a legal battle taking place, COMER vs the Bank of Canada.


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