Anything you put on your skin is something that
you should be willing to swallow!
The actual amount that you will absorb through skin 

varies with more variables than even hot versus
cold water. Children will absorb a higher
percentage since they have more 
surface area per body weight….

Many medications are applied to the skin,
including nicotine patches!




Our skin absorbs everything  we put on it including petrol,
oil, fluoride, insecticide, in fact MOST chemicals…

Miloslav Nosal, M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor of Biostatistics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Calgary
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If  you can’t afford a whole-house filtering system, then at least filter your shower / bath water, since that’s going to be your most significant source of contamination.

Showering or bathing in contaminated tap water poses even more of a risk to your health than drinking it, so it isn’t enough to simply filter the water you drink. Optimally, you may opt to install in a whole home water filtration system..

“Studies done by H.S. Brown, Ph.D., D.R. Bishop, MPH, and C.A. Rowan, MSPH in the early 1980s showed that anaverage of 64% of the total dose of waterborne contaminants is absorbed through the skin. Also, studies by Dr. Julian Andelman, Professor of  Water Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, found less chemical exposure from drinking contaminated water than using it to wash the clothes or take a shower (American Journal of Public Health, May 1984).”

“These 3 researchers Brown, Bishop, and Rowan] used Fick’s Law to determine permeability constants for selected compounds. Then they calculated dose per kilogram for 9 different exposure situations and compared this to the oral dose per kilogram. They found that skin absorption contributed from 29 to 91 percent of the total dose, averaging 64 percent.”

That’s not saying 29 to 91 percent of the fluoride will be absorbed; that’s saying that 29 to 91 percent of all the chemicals absorbed into the body from water came through skin absorption and the rest from ingestion.

The actual amount that you will absorb through skin or through inhalation varies with more variables than even hot versus cold water. Even the amount of fluoride in the tap water varies and is not a set constant. Children will absorb a higher percentage since they have more surface area per body weight. A child is not an adult, but most toxicological data are based on occupational exposures for adults. I was unable to find a study on fluoride absorption specifically. I think one should be done.

 One EPA scientist said, “For instance, a shower cubicle can be considered an ‘exposure chamber’. Exposure to volatile contaminants absorbed via the lung would be about double the same amount from drinking water. In the bath, underarms, scrotal and vaginal areas as well as the groin absorb far greater amounts than in the normal unwashed forearm test.”

 “Surprisingly, ingestion is not the most efficient way to deliver toxicants into the system. Dermal exposure and inhalation of the contaminants are absorbed directly into the blood stream.
Of the three modes of exposure, dermal exposures are the most efficient:
virtually 100% of the contaminants are absorbed into the system.”

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